Audiotec Fischers Input Signal Analyzer & InputEQ
EISA Award for BRAX DSP as best product in the category "IN-CAR SOUND PROCESSOR 2019-2020"
ADEP.3 – Audiotec Fischers smart highlevel input technology
ACO – Powerful 32 Bit CoProcessor technology for new Audiotec Fischer DSP products.
Since this year our new DSP products are equipped with the powerful 32 Bit ACO platform. This offers a bunch of new system and DSP features.
Beside the overall victory as Germany´s “best car media distribution”, last weekend, we also received 4 awards at the Car Media Convention in Fulda.
Two products from Audiotec Fischer convinced the international experts
Audiotec Fischer, manufacturer of the BRAX, HELIX and MATCH mobile electronics brands announce that...
The leading Japanese in-car electronics magazine "Auto Sound" once again awarded an electronic component “made by Audiotec Fischer” with one of its highly recognized awards.
The TV channel WDR (Westdeutscher Rundfunk) visited our company and made a nice TV report about Audiotec Fischer.
The European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) again awarded an Audiotec Fischer product
Audiotec Fischer is expanding its Extension Card program with an HD audio USB interface.