Germanys best car media manufacturer and distributor 2020

Audiotec Fischer is again Germany's best car media manufacturer and distributor!

Audiotec Fischer wins 10 out of a total of 15 awards as well as the overall victory as "Germany's best car media distribution in 2019/20" at the CMC - Car Media Convention in 2020.

We are very proud to announce that we have won the following categories:

  • Best product quality
  • Best product innovations
  • Best back office and sales force
  • Best technical support
  • Best repair service
  • Best support: goodwill / product recall
  • Best training sessions
  • Best marketing / website
  • Best distribution: loyality to specialist dealers
  • Best distribution: marketing / POS / show days


The CAR MEDIA CONVENTION is a three-day specialist dealer meeting from the German car media industry with over 60 workshops. This  event is the most important convention of Germany´s car media industry and more than 20 companies of the automotive supply industry and the car audio aftermarket present their product innovations and hold exciting seminars.

All participating dealers vote for the best distribution in Germany as well as judge the quality and innovation of the products.
Each specialist has to answer questions about support, sales, products and marketing.

Due to the fact that the participants could judge each company in each category individually, the result is even more impressive. This guarantees an extremely fair vote.

We want to thank every single specialist for the confidence you have placed in us. This trust, once again, shows that we are on the right track!