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Our HELIX COMPOSE platform consists of highly efficient universal speakers that are perfectly matched to our HELIX and MATCH amplifiers and fit in absolutely every car. This means that you can either go the traditional route with a common installation or use our intelligent FlexMount adaptor rings that turn a universal speaker into a vehicle-specific component, offering a super easy integration.

As the name already suggests, the FlexMount Finder is our tool to help you find the right FlexMount adaptor ring and installation way for your car model! Please check out our user guide below:

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You haven’t found what you were looking for? No worries! Even if we do not have the right FlexMount adaptor ring for you yet, you can still go for a common installation as our HELIX COMPOSE lineup consists of universal speakers that fit in absolutely every vehicle. Please contact one of our certified HELIX dealerships to find the perfect fit for your car!

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