BRAX DSP – Masterpiece



Schmallenberg, August 2019 – The BRAX DSP is a prime example of years of ambitious development work and craftsmanship.  With this digital signal processor, Audiotec Fischer has set another milestone that completely redefined the benchmark since its market launch in late 2018.  Now, with the win of the EISA Award as the best product in the category "IN-CAR SOUND PROCESSOR 2019-2020", the exceptional position of the BRAX DSP is once again manifested and valued accordingly.  The most elaborate and complex device ever built by Audiotec Fischer represents with unparalleled technical effort and finest materials not only the sonic pinnacle but offers as well, thanks to its modular design, a maximum of flexibility and future security.


The EISA members  justified the awarding as follows:

DSP for optimising in-car sound is nothing new, but Brax takes it to the next level with no fewer than 12 channels of processing across modular input and output cards. This design allows complete tailoring to your in-car audio configuration, with digital or analogue inputs, or a mix of both, using three Analog Devices Sigma 350 64-bit processors, capable of an incredible 3.6 billion calculations per second. ADCs and DACs are by Asahi Kasei, there´s extensive power supply regulation, while the modular approach extends to an add-on card for direct Bluetooth and hi-res USB streaming. This is signal processing without limits.


The Audiotec Fischer Team is very proud and sees the new award as a further motivation to create innovative high-end products for ambitious music lovers.


Key features BRAX DSP:

  • Three extraordinary powerful “fixed point” Sigma350 audio DSP's with 64 Bit resolution and a total of 3.6 billion MAC operations per second calculating power
  • State-of-the-art Asahi Kasei "Velvet Sound" A/D and D/A converters with a native resolution of 32 Bit
  • 192 kHz sample rate for ultra High-Res audio bandwidth up to 80 kHz
  • Benchmark specifications for e.g. signal-to-noise ratio and total harmonic distortion, close to measuring limits
  • Modular 8-channel in / 12-channel out concept with exchangeable stereo analog or digital input / output modules for covering all possible system configurations
  • 4 stereo input modules with either analog RCA / Cinch and Highlevel or digital optical / coaxial SPDIF input
  • 6 stereo output modules with either analog RCA / Cinch or digital optical / coaxial SPDIF outputs
  • Output modules with switchable sampling rate of 48, 96 or 192 kHz
  • Analog output modules with variable filter characteristics and switchable output voltage of 2, 4 or 8 Volts
  • Muting of the analog output stages via relays with gold-plated contacts
  • Additional stereo SPDIF input (optical / coaxial) as well as a Link module for system extensions
  • Double BRAX Extension Card slot (BEC) for optional input / output modules like Bluetooth® Audio Streaming, High Resolution Audio Streaming via USB etc.
  • Unique DSP Sound Effects such as the “Augmented Bass Processing” which dynamically optimizes the bass response of the subwoofer, the “StageXpander” that significantly widens the stereo perspective, the “RealCenter” function, which allows a perfectly focussed sound staging for both driver and co-driver and much more
  • Incomparably complex power supply concept with a total of 55 voltage regulators and start-stop capability
  • DiSAC (Digital Signal Analog Controlled) volume control in combination with BRAX MX4 PRO
  • ACO – Advanced 32 Bit CoProcessor for all control and communication tasks
    • 10 internal memory locations for sound setups
    • Setup switching within milliseconds
    • High-speed data transfer and improved usability
  • Solely made from the very best components with lowest tolerances, fitted in a rock-solid aluminum housing
  • Eight-fold layer main PC board for ultra-low impedance signal and power supply transmission
  • Analog audio signal transmission solely on the in- and output modules
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