Triple Award for Audiotec Fischer: "Products of the Year 2024"

We are particularly proud to announce that three of our products have been honored as "Products of the Year 2024" by the renowned Car&HiFi Magazine:


HELIX COMPOSE – Category: "Innovation" The innovative speaker platform HELIX COMPOSE impressed the Car&HiFi editorial team in the "Innovation" category with its innovative approach, efficiency, and technical sophistication.

"Genius concept with immense sound potential." - Elmar Michels (Car&HiFi Editor-in-Chief)


HELIX V EIGHTEEN DSP – Category: "Premium-Upgrade" The HELIX V EIGHTEEN DSP receives the award in the "Premium-Upgrade" category, highlighting its outstanding performance in advanced DSP amplifier technology and retrofit solutions for multi-channel factory setups.

"Premium upgrade for multi-channel systems with just one device." - Elmar Michels (Car&HiFi Editor-in-Chief)


MATCH UP 1FX – Category: "Upgrade Amplifier" In the "Upgrade Amplifier" category, the MATCH UP 1FX was honored for its highly efficient performance while maintaining super-compact dimensions as well as its versatile upgrade possibilities.

"Top performance down to 1 ohm in an ultra-compact enclosure." - Elmar Michels (Car&HiFi Editor-in-Chief)


This triple recognition reflects Audiotec Fischer's dedication to innovation and excellence in the field of car audio. It underscores the company's position as a leading provider of advanced technologies for audiophile vehicle upgrades.