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It all started with a vision of Heinz Fischer, a passionate music lover and Audiotec's founder, to transfer the sound experience of legendary high-end audio components into a car environment. No compromises in terms of design, technology and sound - following these principles our engineers focussed on exceptional sound quality and expanded the technological limits once again when they designed the new BRAX GRAPHIC speaker series. Outstanding components and unparalleled craftsmanship make the difference - of course solely made in Germany!

The 25 mm / 1" high-end tweeter BRAX GRAPHIC GL1 is the first of its kind that comes with an innovative ceramic aluminium dome. Its sophisticated material requires a complex manufacturing process in which a plasma flame melts a ceramic powder on the surface of an aluminium substrate. The result is a tweeter dome that combines outstanding stability with low moving mass and high inner damping - perfectly made for brilliant and compression-free treble reproduction. The integrated, with Merino wool damped coupling volume reduces the resonance frequency and therefore allows lower crossover frequencies.
The pure and aesthetic design, made from solid stainless steel does not solely look noble but ensures perfect heat dissipation as well. The mounting ring with fine thread warrants a seamless and decent integration into the car's interior whereas the 12 times drilled neodymium magnet is optimized for highest linear magnetic flux. Finally the recessed, 24-carat gold plated terminal reduces contact resistances to almost zero and the rigid grille perfectly protects the sensitive diaphragm.

Like all BRAX speakers each pair of tweeters has its own serial number, properly recorded in our data base. Needless to say that such valuable products will be delivered in a noble, wooden box emphasizing the approach and the philosophy of the BRAX brand.


  • Ultra stiff ceramic aluminum hard dome for extremely precise and dynamic treble response
  • CNC machined stainless steel housing for maximum heat dissipation
  • Integrated, with merino wool dampened coupling volume for low resonance frequency
  • Precise machined, 12 x ventilated neodymium magnet for highest magnetic flux linearity
  • Integrated, 24 carat gold plated terminals for maximum conductivity
  • Rear mounting ring and fine thread for hidden fastening
  • Sturdy protection grille is included in delivery

Technical data

Power RMS / max.  P 100 / 150 Watts
(highpass > 3,000 Hz at 12 dB/Oct.)
Impedance  Z 4 Ω
DC resistance  Re 3.4 Ω
Frequency response   2,000 Hz - 25,000 Hz
Resonance frequency  Fs 900 Hz
Efficiency 1 W / 1 m SPL 90 dB
Voice coil diameter ø 25 mm / 1"
Cone area  Sd 4.9 cm²
Moving mass  Mms 0.36 g
Cone material   Ceramic aluminum hard dome
Outer diameter ø 59 mm / 2.3"
Installation diameter ø 52 mm / 2.0"
Installation depth   24 mm / 0.9"
Recommended crossover frequencies for the highpass  
Slope  Minimum crossover frequency
6 dB/Octave  4,000 Hz
12 dB/Octave   > 3,000 Hz
24 dB/Octave  > 2,000 Hz

Scope of delivery

2 x High-End Tweeter BRAX GRAPHIC GL1
2 x Mounting ring
2 x Grille
1 x Allen key
1 x Data sheet

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