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HELIX PURE R-series: Flawless sound, pure excellence

HELIX PURE transcends beyond mere music. It's an audiovisual journey, dedicated to uncompromising sound quality and uniqueness, designed for discerning audiophiles and individualists who refuse to make compromises in their daily life. The PURE R-Series represents the pinnacle of our PURE speakers, combining their essential features to perfection: uncompromising sound quality, high-quality materials and unparalleled aesthetics.

Absolute high-frequency brilliance

The HELIX PR T25-S premium tweeter is an example of absolute excellence within the PURE speaker lineup. It distinguishes itself with the lowest possible manufacturing tolerances and exclusive use of top-tier materials, such as the coated silk dome. This component leads to the faithful rendition of even the finest details, ensuring a smooth and natural sound reproduction for an unmatched high-frequency experience. The highly efficient neodymium magnet maintains a consistently optimal, high magnetic flux linearity. Furthermore, its smart and compact design offers diverse mounting options for a universal installation. The anodized aluminum flush mount housing with the solid mounting ring allows a concealed installation, while the included grilles, available in two exclusive designs, provide both protection and aesthetic options. High-grade aluminum flush-mount housings (PR ATP25) are also optionally available to refine your sound setup.


  • 1” / 25 mm premium tweeter with coated silk-dome for precise treble response with finest details and an accurate, natural sound reproduction
  • Compact design with multiple mounting options for universal installation
  • Anodized aluminum flush mount housing with solid mounting ring for discreet installation
  • Cover grille included in two exclusive, swappable designs
  • Lowest manufacturing tolerances and exclusive use of premium materials
  • Highly efficient neodymium magnet for an optimal linear magnetic flux
  • High-grade aluminum tweeter pod (PR ATP25) optionally available

Technical data

Impedance  Z 4 Ω
DC resistance  Re 3.4 Ω
Frequency response   2,500 Hz - 25,000 Hz
Resonance frequency  Fs 1,400 Hz

92 dB @ 2,83V / 1m
89 dB @ 1W / 1m

Voice coil diameter ø 25 mm
Cone area  Sd 4.9 cm²
Moving mass  Mms 0.3 g
Cone material   Coated silk dome
Outer diameter
(more data see data sheet)
ø 37.7 mm / 1.48"
Installation diameter 
(more data see data sheet)
ø 37.7 mm / 1.48"
Installation depth 
(more data see data sheet)
  10.6 mm / 0.42"
Recommended crossover frequencies for the highpass    
Slope   Minimum crossover frequency
6 dB/Octave   4,000 Hz
12 dB/Octave    > 3,000 Hz
24 dB/Octave   > 2,500 Hz

Scope of delivery

2 x Hochtöner PR T25-S
2 x Aluminum flush mount housing
2 x OEM spacer
2 x Standard grille
2 x Exclusive HELIX grille
1 x Mounting material 

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