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HELIX PURE R-series: Flawless sound, pure excellence

HELIX PURE transcends beyond mere music. It's an audiovisual journey, dedicated to uncompromising sound quality and uniqueness, designed for discerning audiophiles and individualists who refuse to make compromises in their daily life. The PURE R-Series represents the pinnacle of our PURE speakers, combining their essential features to perfection: uncompromising sound quality, high-quality materials and unparalleled aesthetics.

Highest Quality and elegant design

Our premium speaker systems are the result of years of development and an unwavering commitment to highest quality standards. By utilizing state-of-the-art components, they deliver an unparalleled sound reproduction and a dynamic musical experience that is second to none. Here, quality is not only audible but tangible as well. The timeless, elegant design discreetly and harmoniously blends with the interior, providing aesthetic pleasure without ever being obtrusive. Through the use of innovative technologies, the achievement of sonic precision can be felt in every note, while also allowing incredible power handling that doesn't even compromise at demanding volume levels.

Absolute high-frequency brilliance

The HELIX PURE R-series premium tweeter is an example of absolute excellence within the PURE speaker lineup. It distinguishes itself with the lowest possible manufacturing tolerances and exclusive use of top-tier materials, such as the coated silk dome. This component leads to the faithful rendition of even the finest details, ensuring a smooth and natural sound reproduction for an unmatched high-frequency experience. Furthermore, its smart and compact design offers diverse mounting options for a universal installation. The anodized aluminum flush mount housing with the solid mounting ring allows a concealed installation, while the included grilles, available in two exclusive designs, provide both protection and aesthetic options.

A sound experience that you can hear and feel

The HELIX PURE R-series premium woofer delivers unparalleled sound quality that you can hear but also feel. The stiff Mica-Paper composite cone ensures not only a punchy kickbass but also delivers a balanced midrange reproduction that brings your music to life. To achieve optimal impulse response, it utilizes an exceptionally powerful magnet system while the rigid aluminum diecast basket with streamlined, low-turbulence design guarantees ideal impulse fidelity. Furthermore, additional ventilation holes in the basket enhance coil cooling and enable impressive power handling. Always included: HELIX grilles for the ideal protection of the cones.

Maximum flexibility – Flex-Crossover

The separatable Flex-crossover is not only a visual highlight but also provides a wide range of connection possibilities due to its technical refinements, making it perfectly-suited for installation in vehicles with separate mounting locations for tweeters and woofers. It offers a 3-stage tweeter level adjustment for optimized treble adaptation to the respective mounting position, while featuring a 12 dB slope for tweeters and woofers that has gone through extensive fine-tuning.


  • 2-way premium speaker system with impressive, detailed sound quality and powerful, dynamic music experience
  • High-performance speakers with innovative technologies for high, distortion-free output with precise, natural highs and powerful kick bass
  • Modern, elegant design for discreet integration into interiors
  • Tweeter
    • 1” / 25 mm premium tweeter with coated silk dome for precise treble response with finest details and an accurate, natural sound reproduction
    • Compact design with multiple mounting options for universal installation
    • Includes anodized flush mount housing with solid mounting ring for discreet mounting and cover grilles in two exclusive, swappable designs
    • High-grade aluminum tweeter pod (PR ATP25) optionally available
  • Woofer
    • 6.5" / 165 mm premium woofer with stiff mica-paper composite cone for powerful kick bass and balanced midrange response
    • Rigid die-cast aluminum basket with aerodynamic, flow-optimized design for enhanced impulse response
    • Basket with additional ventilation holes for improved cooling of the voice coil for impressive power handling
    • Powerful magnet system for high efficiency and optimized linear magnetic flux
    • Including discrete HELIX grilles for the ideal protection of the cones
  • Flex-Crossover
    • Separable flex-crossover with versatile connection options - perfectly suited for installation in vehicles with separate tweeter and woofer mounting locations
    • Extensively tuned high-pass and low-pass filters with 12 dB slope
    • 3-stage tweeter level adjustment for optimal adaptation to the installation position
    • Exclusive use of high-quality components for best sound quality

Technical data

Power handling RMS / Max.  P 100 / 200 Watts
Frequency response   40 Hz - 25,000 Hz
Impedance Z 4 Ω
Sensitivity  SPL 91 dB @ 2.83V / 1m
88 dB @ 1W / 1m
Outer diameter
(more data see manual)

Tweeter: 37.7 mm / 1.48”
Woofer: 166 mm / 6.54”

Installation diameter
(more data see manual)

Tweeter: 37.7 mm / 1.48”
Woofer: 141 mm / 5.55”

Installation depth 
(more data see manual)

Tweeter: 10.6 mm / 0.42”
Woofer: 66.5 mm / 2.62”

Dimensions crossover
(more data see manual)

Total: 121 x 107 x 31.2 mm / 4.76 x 4.12 x 1.23”
Separated (each): 62 x 107 x 31.2 mm / 2.44 x 4.12 x 1.23“

Impedance Z 4 Ω
DC resistance Re 3.1 Ω
Resonance frequency Fs 57 Hz
Mechanical Q factor Qms 5.35
Electrical Q factor Qes 0.63
Total Q factor Qts 0.57
Compliance Cms 440 μm/N
Equivalent air volume Vas 10.8 L
Force factor B*l 6.1 Tm
Cone area Sd 133 cm2
Moving mass Mms 17.9 g
Mechanical resistance Rms 1.19 kg/s
Voice coil diameter  ø 25 mm

Voice coil winding height

  12 mm
Max. linear excursion Xmax +/- 3 mm
Impedance Z 4 Ω
Resonance frequency Fs 1400 Hz
Voice coil diameter ø 25 mm

Coated silk dome, neodymium magnet and aluminum housing with two different grilles


Mica-Paper composite cone


Tweeter: 12 dB highpass with 3-stage tweeter level adjustment
Woofer: 12 dB lowpass and bandstop filter

Scope of delivery

2 x Tweeter PR T25-S
2 x Woofer PR W165
2 x Flex-Crossover
2 x Woofer grille
2 x Tweeter aluminum flush mount housing
2 x Tweeter OEM spacer
2 x Standard tweeter grille
2 x Exclusive HELIX tweeter grille
1 x Mounting material

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