HELIX Ci3 C100.2FM-S3

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HELIX Ci3 C100.2FM-S3

HELIX COMPOSE. The perfect speaker for any composition.

Born out of the increasingly demanding challenges of modern automobile technology and the HELIX-typical pursuit of intelligent solutions, we made the progressive redesign of proven universal speaker systems our mission. The result: our innovative HELIX COMPOSE platform that, according to the motto "developed inside the vehicle, for the vehicle", combines classic universal speakers with the advantages of vehicle-specific systems. Innovative materials and the latest technologies paired with smart, practical engineering - the best of both worlds in harmony: high efficiency, fantastic sound quality and enormous dynamics that fit in any vehicle. HELIX COMPOSE – universal speakers evolved.

Performance highlight

The i3 coaxial systems give you everything you would expect from a great 2-way system: A first-class sound experience that, thanks to the use of high-quality materials and its particularly smart engineering, conveniently finds its way into the automobile. All components harmonize perfectly and form an ideal team with our HELIX and MATCH amplifiers, guaranteeing maximum performance and power output at all times. Furthermore, we implemented our new, mechanical technologies with a clear focus on safety during connection and operation for the purpose of creating ideal conditions for the integration into the vehicle with maximum compatibility.

High efficiency

HELIX COMPOSE equals smart engineering and accordingly implements highly efficient 3 Ohm technology, that perfectly harmonizes with all HELIX and MATCH amplifiers and at the same time allows a clearly perceptible plus in efficiency and maximum sound pressure.

Cenosphere paper cone

With the innovative "Cenosphere" coating, hollow spheres are incorporated into a polyamide layer that is applied to the cone. This process increases the stiffness and also optimizes its internal damping. The result is an exceptionally stable yet lightweight cone that offers outstanding precision in sound reproduction.

High-tech polymer basket

All HELIX COMPOSE i7 and i3 speaker baskets are made of a high-tech polymer composite, which has been additionally reinforced with glass spheres. The result: maximum stability with minimal self-resonance, while also eliminating flux modulation of the magnetic system and maximum resistance to thermal influences. Last but not least, this allows for much more compact basket dimensions and thus simplified installations in cramped installation conditions.

Stunning Highs and outstanding stability

The 0.75” / 20 mm tweeter is equipped with an innovative titanium dome that combines outstanding stability with low moving mass and high inner damping as well as enormous thermal resistance - perfectly made for brilliant and compression-free treble reproduction.

FlexMount100 – Universal meets car-specific

FlexMount is a mounting system based on specially developed adaptor rings, allowing the installation of COMPOSE FlexMount speakers in an almost infinite number of vehicles. Thus, the universal loudspeaker effortlessly becomes a vehicle-specific loudspeaker, that can be easily installed in the original installation position of the vehicle in an acoustically optimized way with the matching twist-lock FlexMount100 adaptor ring.

Find the right FlexMount for your car!

FlexConnect – One terminal for all cases

With our FlexConnect terminal, HELIX COMPOSE speakers can easily be connected directly to the original wiring harness of the vehicle, maintaining the automotive standard of the plug connection as well as guaranteeing reverse polarity protection. Similar to our FlexMount system, this technology relies on specially developed, vehicle-specific adaptors.



  • 2-way performance coaxial speaker system which combines outstanding sound quality with versatile physical integration options
  • High efficiency and 3 Ohms technology for maximized power output of the amplifier
  • Automotive grade FlexConnect terminal allow fast and secure connection as well as direct connection to the original cable harness due to optionally available car-specific adaptors
  • Tweeter
    • 0.75” / 20 mm tweeter with titanium dome for accurate and dynamic treble response
    • Highly efficient neodymium magnet for high magnetic flux linearity
  • Midrange
    • 4" / 100 mm midrange with unique Cenosphere coated paper cone for precise and detailed sound reproduction
    • High-tech polymer composite basket reinforced with glass beads for enormous rigidity and minimized ringing
    • Shallow neodymium magnet system for low installation depth and high efficiency
  • Crossover
    • Integrated with 6 dB slope
  • Designed for the optionally available car-specific FlexMount100 adaptors which allow an acoustically optimized and professional integration in the original mounting location of the vehicle

Technical data

Power handling RMS / Max.  P 80 / 120 Watts
Frequency response   100 Hz - 25,000 Hz
Impedance Z 3 Ω
Sensitivity  SPL 91 dB @ 2.83V / 1m
87 dB @ 1W / 1m
Outer diameter ø 98.0 mm / 3.86”
Installation diameter ø 89.0 mm / 3.50”
Installation depth    30.0 mm / 1.18”
Impedance Z 3 Ω
DC resistance Re 3.0 Ω
Resonance frequency Fs 137 Hz
Mechanical Q factor Qms 4.37
Electrical Q factor Qes 0.78
Total Q factor Qts 0.66
Compliance Cms 456 μm/N
Equivalent air volume Vas 2.1 L
Force factor B*l 3.2 Tm
Cone area Sd 57 cm2
Moving mass Mms 3.0 g
Mechanical resistance Rms 0.58 kg/s
Voice coil diameter  ø 25 mm

Voice coil winding height

  4.8 mm
Max. linear excursion Xmax +/- 2.0 mm
Voice coil diameter ø 20 mm
Tweeter   Titanium dome and neodymium magnet

Paper with Cenosphere coating, FlexConnect terminal, neodymium magnet and FlexMount100

Crossover   Integrated, 6 dB highpass


  • FlexMount100
  • FlexConnect inlays

Scope of delivery

2 x Ci3 C100.2FM-S3
2 x Universal FlexMount100 (with standard 4-point mounting)
2 x FlexConnect inlay A
2 x Universal connection cable
1 x Mounting material

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