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FlexMount is our proprietary mounting system, based on specially developed adaptor rings.
These turn your universal 6.5" / 165 mm HELIX COMPOSE midbass with FlexMount165 technology into a car-specific speaker, allowing an easy and acoustically optimized installation in the original mounting position of the vehicle.

The adaptors are manufactured in-house using state-of-the-art FDM 3D printing process. The special material used is perfectly adapted to automotive applications and is characterized in particular by its extremely high strength and rigidity. Due to the special material properties, our FlexMount adaptors are extremely resistant to weathering, UV radiation, oils and greases. In addition, it covers the extremely wide automotive temperature range from -40° C to over + 90° C, which guarantees durability and dimensional stability even under the most difficult conditions.


  • Vehicle-specific adapter ring for a professional and acoustically optimized integration of the 6.5” / 165 mm HELIX COMPOSE midbass with FlexMount165 technology in the original mounting location of the vehicle
  • Easy installation and secure fixation due to torsion-resistant adaptor ring
  • Complex construction for high stability, durability and optimized acoustic characteristics
  • Including gaskets to prevent acoustic short circuits and the ingress of moisture
  • In-house production using state-of-the-art FDM 3D printing process
  • Made in Germany



  • Ci7 W165FM-S3
  • Ci3 W165FM-S3
  • Ci3 W165FM-S2
  • Ci3 K165.2FM-S3
  • Ci3 K165.2FM-S2
  • Ci3 C165.2FM-S3

Car models:

  • Suitable for Hyundai vehicles with factory installed woofer
  • Further information about the vehicle compatibility can be found in our FlexMount Finder

Scope of delivery

2 x FlexMount165 adaptor ring
2 x Speaker gasket
1 x Mounting material

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