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Elemental force with maximum control

The new P ONE will drive every subwoofer to the absolute maximum, since it delivers relentless power with 1,500 Watts RMS power into 1 Ohm. Its phenomenal stability predestines the P ONE as the ideal driver for any subwoofer configuration you can imagine and its enormous damping factor keeps every loudspeaker under full control. If that's still not enough, you can use the TwinPower Link to combine two amplifiers and double the output power.

High-Res Audio

Even though the P ONE will drive subwoofers in most cases, it can also be used as an "almighty" fullrange amplifier thanks to its wide frequency range up to 40 kHz, the extremely low THD and the excellent signal-to-noise ratio. 

Highest power density ever from Audiotec Fischer

This power pack also sets new standards in other respects as never before so much power has been accommodated in such a compact housing for easiest installation. The unique "power-to-size" ratio is the result of the extraordinary efficiency of our Class D concept, which goes hand in hand with exceptionally low heat dissipation. A unique effort has also been made with the protective circuits which are particularly important in this power segment. For the first time, a microprocessor-controlled Hall effect current sensor continuously monitors the total power consumption of the amplifier in order to enable the maximum output power under all conditions.

Fully digital signal chain

Finally, the P ONE can be upgraded with our optional HDM 1 module that offers an optical input, means digital audio signals can be losslessly and directly processed. That's how you get the very last bit of performance out of this stunning amplifier.


  • High performance Class D mono amplifier with up to 1,500 Watts RMS @ 1 Ohm – a perfect match for all 2 x 2 Ohms subwoofers connected in parallel
  • Also usable as an ultra broadband amplifier with exceptional sound quality – ideal for High Resolution Audio
  • Extremely high efficiency and low heat dissipation with minimal dimensions
  • High damping factor for maximum speaker control
  • Regulated power supply with Start-Stop capability for extremely stable output power even during voltage drops
  • TwinPower Link for connecting two amplifiers in bridged mode
  • Optionally available HELIX Digital Input Module (HDM) to extend the amplifier with an optical digital input in SPDIF format

Technical data

Power RMS  ≤ 1% THD+N Normal operation
(One amplifier)
TwinPower Link
(Two amplifiers)
- @ 4 Ohms 1 x 500 Watts   1 x 1,760 Watts 
- @ 2 Ohms 1 x 880 Watts  1 x 3,000 Watts 
- @ 1 Ohm 1 x 1,500 Watts 
- bridged @ 4 Ohms
- bridged @ 2 Ohms
Max. output power per channel* Up to 1.800 Watts RMS @ 1 Ohm
Amplifier technology Class D
Inputs 2 x RCA / Cinch
1 x Remote In
Optional via HDM 1 module:
1 x Optical SPDIF (28 - 96 kHz) 
Input sensitivity RCA / Cinch 0.5 - 8 Volts
Input impedance RCA / Cinch 6 kOhms
Input impedance highlevel -
Outputs 1 x Speaker output
Output voltage RCA / Cinch
Signal converter for digital input
Frequency response 10 Hz - 40,000 Hz
Bass boost -
Highpass -
Lowpass -
Bandpass -
Slope high- / lowpass -
Slope subsonic / lowpass
Signal-to-noise ratio digital input
Signal-to-noise ratio analog input 112 dB (A-weighted)
Distortion (THD) < 0.01 %
Damping factor > 500
Operating voltage 10.5 - 16 Volts (max. 5 sec. down to 6 Volts)
Idle current 1250 mA
Fuse 4 x 30 A LP-Mini-fuse (APS)
Additional features Input mode switch, TwinPower Link, HDM slot, Start-Stop capability
Dimensions (H x W x D) 50 x 260 x 190 mm /
1.97 x 10.24 x 7.48”

* In typical applications as subwoofer amplifier

Scope of delivery

1 x Amplifier HELIX P ONE
1 x Instruction manual

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