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The legendary BRAX MATRIX loudspeaker series – since many years the synonym for state-of-the-art sound quality – is now expanded with the ML8 MID. Just as uncompromisingly developed and manufactured as all BRAX loudspeakers, it pursues the goal of acoustic perfection.

Made for ultimate kickbass dynamics

For those who are not happy with the maximum dynamics of their 165mm front system, the ML8 MID will make a dream come true.  Every detail of this exceptional midwoofer is not only designed for perfect tonality, but also made to convert even the highest amplifier power into sound pressure without any compression. The combination with the ML10 subwoofer, ML3 midrange and the ML1 tweeter finally results in the "dream team", the absolute maximum that can be realized in a vehicle.

MicroSphere - a material for two opposing requirements

he demand for maximum cone stiffness in combination with highest innner damping seems like the attempt to square the circle – actually the unique "MicroSphere" coating, where ceramic micro-hollow spheres with a diameter of only 75 microns are embedded in a polymer layer and applied to the diaphragm makes the impossible possible. It warrants for maximum acoustic precision and unrivaled sound quality in the kickbass and lower midrange. 

Timeless elegance

The clear, reduced design language is the distinguishing feature of every BRAX product - the ML8 MID follows this philosophy unconditionally. The combination of the finest materials is underlined once more by the optionally available MR8 stainless steel ring, which can be used as a mounting ring or to fix the grille, depending on the installation position. Of course, the ML8 MID will be hand-selected in pairs and comes in a noble wooden box with its own serial number, which is recorded in a service database.


  • Exceptional stiff hand-scooped paper cone with unique “MicroSphere” coating consisting of micro ceramic hollow spheres embedded in a polymer layer offers best possible impulse response without any sound colouration
  • Special shaped rubber surround for long linear cone excursion
  • Hemispherically shaped dustcap for optimization of the frequency response in the midrange area
  • Optimized voice coil ventilation through large, mesh-protected holes in T-yoke and basket for almost zero compression effects and maximum heat dissipation
  • Special developed, aerodynamically optimized and extremely solid aluminum diecast basket
  • Ultra-precise machined magnet system for highest magnetic flux linearity
  • Massive push-terminals for large wire gauge

Technical data

Power RMS / max.   200 / 400 Watts
Impedance  Z 4 Ω
DC resistance  Re 3.4 Ω
Resonance frequency  Fs 45 Hz
Mechanical Q factor  Qms 12.14
Electrical Q factor  Qes 0.61
Total Q factor Qts 0.58
Compliance Cms 351 µm/N
Equivalent air volume Vas 24 L
Force factor  B*I 7.40 Tm
Efficiency 1 W / 1 m SPL 89 dB
Cone area  Sd 219 cm²
Moving mass  Mms 33.9 g
Cone material   Paper cone with “MicroSphere” coating consisting of micro ceramic hollow spheres embedded in a polymer layer
Mechanical resistance  Rms 0.81 kg/s
Voice coil diameter ø 37 mm / 1.5"
Voice coil winding height   18 mm / 0.71"
Max. linear excursion  Xmax +/- 6 mm
Outer diameter ø 222 mm / 8.7"
Installation diameter ø 191 mm / 7.5"
Installation depth   92 mm / 3.6"
Recommended enclosure volumes    
Sealed box    
Net volume   15 L
Lower limiting frequency (-3dB)   60 Hz
Vented box    Not recommended
Net volume  
Port diameter ø
Port area  
Port length  
Port tuning frequency Fb
Lower limiting frequency (-3dB)  

Scope of delivery

2 x High-End Midwoofer BRAX MATRIX ML8 MID
1 x Certificate
1 x Data sheet

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