Schmallenberg, August 2018 – Also this year the media association EISA (Expert Imaging and Sound Association), as the world's largest association of trade magazines for consumer electronics, honored innovative technologies with their famous award. This time, even two Audiotec Fischer products convinced the international commission of experts in the category “In-Car Electronics”.

The 6-channel digital signal processor HELIX DSP MINI received the award as best “In-Car Processor 2018-2019”, the 7-channel Plug & Play upgrade amplifier MATCH UP 7BMW as best "In-Car Smart Upgrade 2018-2019".


The EISA members  justified the awarding as follows:

“This entry-level in-car sound processor offers way more features than you might expect for the money. Designed to be ready for any innovations on the horizon, it can be upgraded to meet the demands of future vehicles and to accept any interface updates to Wi-Fi and vehicle integration. Its ultra-flexible and supremely powerful PC software ensures perfect handling of all sources along with personally tailored processing for the ultimate in in-car entertainment. With a new feature set that includes algorithms for bass and centre channel processing along with soundstage and musical clarity enhancement, it is compatible with hi-res – handling music files up 96kHz/24-bit. If you are running a six-channel system, the Helix DSP Mini ticks all the boxes.”



“Specifically designed for BMWs and compatible with all ‘Hi-Fi System’ equipment, the Match Up 7BMW comes with a mounting plate and plug-and-play harness so that it can be installed in just a few minutes. It’s an invaluable upgrade, boasting seamless integration, which delivers more power and dynamics to your in-car performance. A seven-channel amp, it includes proprietary ‘Class HD’ amplification that routes extra power to the woofers, resulting in a highly dynamic sound that has to be heard to be believed. The powerful 64-bit DSP runs proprietary algorithms to get the best out of factory speakers, including the centre channel, resulting in a powerful bass response and vastly improved soundstage no matter where you are sitting in the car.”



The Audiotec Fischer Team is very proud and sees the new awards as a further motivation to create innovative high-end products for ambitious music lovers.

Key features HELIX DSP MINI:

  • Extremely powerful “fixed point” Audio DSP with 64 Bit resolution and 1.2 billion MAC operations per second
  • High Resolution audio bandwidth up to more than 40 kHz for unrivalled sound quality
  • ACO – Advanced 32 Bit CoProcessor for all control and communication tasks
    • 10 internal memory locations for sound setups
    • Setup switching within milliseconds
    • High-speed data transfer and improved usability
  • HELIX Extension Card slot (HEC) for system add-ons
  • Smart highlevel input with ADEP.3 circuit and Auto Turn-On function
  • Start-Stop capability down to 6V supply voltage
  • Unique DSP Sound Effects such as the “Augmented Bass Processing” which dynamically optimizes the bass response of the subwoofer, the “StageXpander” that significantly widens the stereo perspective, the “RealCenter” function, which allows a perfectly focussed sound staging for both driver and co-driver and much more
  • Freely definable signal routing with separate matrices for line, SPDIF and HEC/AUX
  • Optimal signal path and power supply for further improved sound quality
  • “Ground lift” switch to avoid ground loops
  • Very compact dimensions for easy integration into the vehicle
  • Easiest configuration via the intuitive DSP PC-Tool V4 software

Further information on the signal processor: DSP MINI


 Key features MATCH UP 7BMW:

  • 7-channel Plug & Play upgrade amplifier with integrated 8-channel 64 Bit DSP for BMW HiFi sound systems (option 676)
  • Leichte Installation am Original-Einbauplatz mittels beiliegendem Plug & Play Anschlusskabel und Montageplatte
  • MATCH Extension Card Steckplatz (MEC) für weitere Eingangs- / Ausgangsmodule wie Bluetooth® Audio Streaming, High Resolution Audio Streaming via USB etc.
    Einfachste Konfiguration über intuitive DSP PC-Tool Software
  • Revolutionäre DSP-Features wie das „Augmented Bass Processing“, welches die Tieftonwiedergabe der Untersitz-Subwoofer dynamisch optimiert, der „StageXpander“, der die Stereoperspektive deutlich verbreitert sowie die „RealCenter“-Funktion, welche für Fahrer und Beifahrer eine gleichermaßen perfekt fokussierte Bühnenabbildung ermöglicht

Further information on the amplifier: UP 7BMW

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