Development and support

Audiotec Fischer Produktentwicklung

Audiotec-Fischer has more than 30 years of experience in the development and manufacture of high-end car HiFi and home audio products. From the initial breif to the finished product, all components are assembled in-house with the sole aim of reproducing acoustic signals as authentically as possible while optimizing the sound ever further. It is exactly this kind of tunnel vision mentality that sets Audiotec Fischer apart. When compared to almost all of our competitors who have their products developed and manufactured by suppliers in the Far East, it becomes clear why we value the motto “Made in Germany”.  We rely exclusively on our own expertise and attention to detail in ways you cannot expect from a contract supplier. In the development phase, this is kind of “we’ll do it ourselves” attitude is supported by state-of-the-art software and hardware tools, which enable flexible and rapid adaptation of the products to current market requirements.

Team development and support

But that's not all - direct feedback between service, production and development department also creates the ideal basis for a continuous improvement process. Regardless of how enthusiastic our customers are about our products, we are not satisfied with it. Resting on ones laurels is a step backwards - and therefore the developers at Audiotec-Fischer never tire of questioning, refining and optimizing every detail over and over again.

Perfect service can only be fast, effective and customer friendly if you know your products down to the last detail. This once again shows the advantage of in-house development and production. It allows us to respond quicker to any questions about our products than any of our competitors who merely distribute a product. We are more than technically proficient with our products, we know them down to the last capacitor and this gives us the technical material to provide truly expert support. 

Our service covers all facets you would expect - from the product consultation before the purchase to over phone assistance with the installation and in the extremely unlikely case of a fault, the quick repair. 

However, that is not all - the creation of the vehicle-specific sound setups for our MATCH DSP amplifiers is also part of our daily tasks, and the reason for that is quite simple, we want you to have the best.