The BRAX philosophy

BRAX - Handmade in Germany

Music is emotion

Only those who have a vision can make a lasting change - and that is exactly what company founder and musician Heinz Fischer set out to do in 1990, in order to provide the grandiose audio experience of legendary high-end hi-fi components in the automotive environment. 

Since then, the BRAX brand has been a synonym for the ultimate, uncompromising sound experience for car hi-fi components with a timeless design. The trade press and customers all over the world acknowledge that BRAX products are repeatedly the reference design that define the car audio benchmark.

"Compromises" are absolutely taboo in the development and production of every single BRAX product – only the finest human selected materials are used, which are perfected with precision craftsmanship in Schmallenberg to create audible words of art.  And of course, we only use “made in Germany” components. 

BRAX will now, and in the future, remain a synonym par excellence for enjoying music in its finest state.