BRAX eXvibration High-End Anti-Noise Paste - 1.5 kg

Anti noise paste  BRAX eXvibration
  • 67015
  • DE 29323089

BRAX eXvibration High-End Anti-Noise Paste - 1.5 kg

High-end anti noise paste, there is no better way to isolate and reduce vibrations in your setup, period.


  • Minimises driving noise, eliminates resonances, represses vibrations
  • Extreme flexible due to high glass fibre component
  • Perfectionist the acoustic pattern
  • Water-soluble and solvent-free
  • Easy use with spattle or brush
  • Very economical, 1 -1.5 kg are sufficient for 2 Doors
  • Easy processing, even for locations with difficult access
  • Applicable on all materials

Scope of delivery

1 x 1.5 kg eXvibration High-End Anti-Noise Paste
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