Adaptor database

ISO-adaptor database

To simplify the installation of several HELIX products to an OEM or aftermarket radio an optional available Easy Plug Cable EPC 5.2 ( HZ45000) can be used. This cable will supply power and/or loudspeaker signals of the radio to the connected device. No factory wires need to be cut using this connection method. 


For car radios without ISO connectors an additional ISO-adaptor (PP-AC cable harness) is needed which has to be connected between the Easy Plug Cable harness and the car radio.


With this database you can easily check if you need an ISO-adaptor for connecting the Easy Plug Cable to your radio.


The EPC 5.2 can be used for the following devices: HELIX DSP PRO MK2, HELIX DSP PRO, HELIX DSP, HELIX DSP.2, HELIX P SIX DSP (MK1/MK2), HELIX V EIGHT DSP