DSP PC-Tool Version 2

The DSP PC-Tool V2 software is used to configure all Audiotec Fischers' DSP products via a simple and easy-to-use grafical interface.

The numerous adjustment possibilities allow an extremely precise sound tuning even under most demanding acoustical conditions.


A detailed instruction manual with a lot of tips and tricks about using the DSP PC-Tool software and measuring the frequency response in a car is implemented in our Sound Tuning Magazines "DSP Special Vol.1" and "DSP Setup Guide Vol.1". They can be downloaded for free:


Audiotec Fischers Sound Tuning Magazine - DSP Sepcial Vol.1


Audiotec Fischers Sound Tuning Magazine - DSP Setup Guide Vol.1 

Note: The "DSP Setup Guide Vol.1" describes the basic procedure of creating a sound setup based on the DSP PC-Tool Software Version 2. 



Please use always the latest version of the DSP PC-Tool software. If a new software version needs to update the firmware a message will appear which has to be confirmed. Without firmware update the latest version of the DSP PC-Tool software cannot be used. Under the following link you will find always the latest DSP PC-Tool setup file:


Download: ATF DSP PC-Tool Software Version 2.93

(This version of the DSP PC-Tool additionally supports the MATCH DSP. There are no more modifications to Version 2.80)


Download: ATF DSP PC-Tool Software Version 2.80


Attention: During a firmware update (is done only when a message appears after launching the software) all saved data will be erased and set to default. We strongly recommend to reduce the volume to a minimum before starting the update and especially for stand alone DSPs to switch off or disconnect the amplifiers connected to the DSP.


Version description
  • Support for MATCH DSP
  • No other modifications to Version 2.80
  • ATF Real-Time Analyser is now implemented in the DSP PC-Tool software. This RTA software allows a very easy frequency measurement in the car. For the hardware we recommend our new measurement toolkit "MTK 1". The analyzer offers the following functions:
    • Third-octave measurement with 30 bands - the same frequencies as the EQs in the DSP PC-Tool
    • An averaging of the measurements of 20 seconds for achieving an accurate result
    • Displaying a reference curve in the background, which makes the adjustments a way more easy. Additionally the offset of the measured and optimum frequency response are calculated and displayed. The results are not the perfect EQ adjustments but they are helping to improve the sound a lot.
    • Saving a screenshot of the measurement
    • "Always-on-top" function allows to move the RTA window on top of the PC-Tool software until only the EQs are visible. If you go now to the DSP PC-Tool window for adjusting, the RTA software stays on top of the PC-Tool software which allows to set the EQs while looking at the measurement.
    • Configuration menu for changing, loading and saving the reference curve
  • The channel routing of the optical input of the PP 82DSP works now correctly
  • The analog/optical switch functionality has been improved for P-DSP and C-DSP
  • The Audiotec Fischers' "DSP Special- the sound tuning Magazine" as a manual has been embedded in the start menu
  • small bug fixes




DSP PC-Tool Version 2